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Located at 50 meters from the Anagni Cathedral and from the Bonifacio VII Palace, “Le Stanze Del Duomo” fill the first and second floor of an ancient palace, Cardinal’s abode during the sixteenth-century recently restored, next to Porta Santa Maria, historical access to the medieval town.


With “Le Stanze del Duomo” we are committed to respect and enhance the architectural features of the historical building, without foregoing the most seeked for modern amenities and innovative solutions to ensure a comfortable and elegant stay.


The rooms are very comfortable and with high quality finishes; they breathe the atmosphere of the original, old building, making the guest feel in tune with the surrounding environment.





Via Dante, 68

03012 Anagni (FR)


Tel:  +39 345-6670245

Room 11

Cozy double bedroom with en-suite bathroom.

Room 12

A spacious and elegant double superior bedroom  with bathroom en-suite and large shower.

Suite 14

Elegant Family Suite with double bed, bathroom en-suite, sofa-bed, typical fireplace and a panoramic loggia.

Room 22

A spacious and elegant double superior bedroom  with bathroom en-suite and large shower.

Room 21

Cozy twin or double bedroom with en-suite bathroom.

Suite 23

Fascinating Family Suite with double bed bathroom en-suite, sofa-bed, living room with kitchenette and typical fireplace.

Anagni is known as "The City of the Popes" for being the birthplace of four popes and for having been papal headquarters and residence. It is a charming medieval town with pre-Roman origins.

The old town is situated on a tuff outcrop and the acropolis is located on the eastern side, all surrounded by cyclopean walls which were restored over the centuries. In antiquity, the walls had many gates for entering the city, later demolished or converted into new buildings.

There are currently three gates to the medieval city: "Porta Santa Maria"; the nineteenth-century "Porta Cerere" and "Porta San Francesco" on the south end.

In Anagni you can admire the Romanesque Cathedral renowned for beautiful Cosmatesque pavements. Do not miss a visit to the Crypt, known as the "the Sistine Chapel of the Middle Ages", where well-preserved frescoes cover an area of ​​540 square meters.

Not far from the Cathedral there is the Boniface VIII Palace, where according to the tradition took place the famous episode of the "Slap of Anagni". Inside the palace you can admire spacious frescoed rooms with geometric, floral and animal motifs.

Walking through the main street, Via Vittorio Emanuele, you will notice medieval buildings with characteristic pointed arches alternating with eighteenth and nineteenth century buildings.

Palazzo d'Iseo is just next to the main square, Piazza Cavour, and it is the current municipality of the City of Anagni. A large portico with round arches, above which stands the “Reason Hall”, so called because it housed the court, characterizes the palace.

In front of St. Andrew Church, you can see the decorated facade of Barnekow House, named after the Swedish Baron Alberto Barnekov. He bought the building in 1800 and decorated its facade with frescoes and inscriptions in different languages.


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